Access to Home for Veterans

Program Summary
The Access to Home Program for Veterans, funded by New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal, provides financial assistance to property owners to make dwelling units accessible for low and moderate income veterans with disabilities.  RDAC provides assistance with the cost of adapting homes to meet the needs of those with disabilities, enabling individuals to safely and comfortably continue to live in their residences and avoid institutional care.


Typical improvements might include but are not limited to:
• Wheelchair ramps, lifts
• Widening of doorways
• Bathroom retrofits
• Non-skid flooring
• Appliances that respond to voice commands
• Lowered/easy to reach kitchen adaptations
• Specialized thermostatic controls
• Installation of smoke/carbon monoxide/burglar alarms for hearing impaired
• First floor bedroom/bathroom relocation


Eligible Customers
Veteran renters and homeowners who have a permanent physical disability or have difficulty with daily activities are eligible.  Total household income cannot be greater than 80% Area Median Income [120% Area Median Income for disabled veterans].  There are no age restrictions for this program. Veterans that are frail elderly are eligible for Access to Home assistance.

Green Team

The "Green Team"

Saving Money on your Energy Costs!


For applications to this program please email 
or click here for our new web portal


RDAC is proud to announce our newest endeavor, the newly formed and RDAC branded “Ecoization” Program. In the Ecoization program, RDAC offers a variety of different programs geared at reducing energy expenditure, and working towards a greener future. Different programs are available depending on income eligibility, so keep reading to find out which program is best for you!


Learn what these programs can do for you,
Jon Hilowitz and Meridith Nierenberg


If you are struggling to pay your heating costs, the Orange County Fuel Fund may be able to assist.


EmPower – Less than 60% of Median Income

EmPower is an initiative run by NYSERDA, and RDAC is thrilled to announce our involvement with the innovative program. EmPower itself is split between two tiers: Electrical Reduction (E.R.) and Home Performance (H.P.). For those who qualify for E.R., you will be entitled to a wide range of energy reduction work, including, but not limited to the replacement of incandescent bulbs with efficient CFL bulbs, installation of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, installation of water saving aerators and showerheads, wrapping of pipes and hot water tanks, and maybe even a brand new, free refrigerator! For those who qualify for the H.P. program, you will be entitled to everything E.R. offers, in addition to the possibility of receiving free insulation and air sealing work in your attic and/or basement. These measures are all aimed at helping eligible homeowners reduce their monthly utility bills by improving a home’s efficiency, potentially saving thousands of dollars a year in heating, cooling, lighting and electrical savings. Not a homeowner? Don’t worry, you may still qualify as a renter!


Assisted Home Performance – 60%-80% Median Income

If you don’t qualify for EmPower, don’t fret, there are still great options available for you! The Assisted Home Performance Program is very similar to that of the EmPower Program, and homeowners that qualify will be able to have up to 50% of the work done for free. Like EmPower, the aim of the program is to help those in need reduce their monthly utility bills while improving quality of life, and a home’s efficiency for years to come by utilizing a variety of state of the art energy saving techniques.


Green Jobs, Green New York – 80%-400% Median Income

This great program was recently announced to be making its return in New York State, and we are excited to offer the program to our residents. Any homeowner in New York State making up to 400% of the median income is able to take advantage of this unique program, also offered through NYESERDA. The first step in the Green Jobs, Green New York program is a comprehensive, free energy audit, which will be conducted by one of our certified energy auditors. After having the audit completed, we will present you with a detailed and scientific explanation explaining how much energy the home is wasting, as well as proposed improvements to the home which can save thousands of dollars/year. If you’re worried about how you can possibly finance such a potentially large project, fear not! Green Jobs, Green New York offers a variety of flexible financing options, including low interest loans, and “On Bill Financing”, which allows you to pay back the loan right through your utility bills. On Bill Financing is particularly interesting, because your utility bill will never be higher than it was prior to doing the work. In other words, if your average utility bill was $150/month, and the work that was done lowered the average to $75/month, you can pay back the amount owed by continuing to pay the $150/month bill until the loan is paid off. This prevents homeowners from incurring any sort of a spike in their expenses, while at the same time providing an excellent long-term investment that will pay for itself many times over. And, if doing the measures just isn’t in the cards for you at the time, you can still take advantage of the free energy audit, without any sort of commitment to having the work done.


If you are interested in finding out more about any of these programs, please contact RDAC at 845-713-4568 x-111, and we’d be more than happy to explain the programs further.


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We are a BPI certified contractor

Fee Schedule


First Home Club (FHC)

For an application tio the First Home Club (FHC) or our Homebuyer education please email

The First Home Club offers households with incomes at or below 80 percent of area median income to save towards the purchase of a new home. FHC provides down payment and closing cost assistance by granting $4 in matching funds for each $1 saved in a dedicated account (up to $7,500 in matching funds) to an eligible first-time homebuyer purchasing a home through one of our approved member community lenders.

The Homebuyer must participate in the program for a minimum of 10 months of systematic savings, up to a maximum of 24 months. In order to participate and enroll in the FHC, the potential homebuyer must meet the following preliminary qualifications:

· Meet the definition of first-time homebuyer

· Reside and purchase their home within HLB's district area (New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands)

· Gross household income is 80% or less of the area median income, as defined in the Program Guidelines

· Open a dedicated savings account with an approved member and agree to save systematically on a monthly basis for a period of 10-24 months

· Complete an approved homebuyer counseling program

· Execute the FHC Enrollment Terms & Conditions Agreement (FHC-104)

· Obtain mortgage financing from the member

· At closing, execute a subordinate mortgage for subsidy funds for a 5-year term

for more information view the Federal Home Loan Bank information here

Foreclosure/Default Counseling

Clicking the above image will direct you to our Foreclosure Portal. This portal contains a list of the forms required for our intake package, editable RDAC PDF forms and upload links to upload your documentation to us



Foreclosure/Default Counseling is designed to empower a homeowner to make the best possible decision based on his/her personal financial situation. The goal is to educate while enabling you to make your own decision. RDAC’s counselors cannot make a decision or do the work for you, but we are here to help you understand the process to help yourself by offering guidance and trained answers.

You will find below a series of instructional videos and websites to assist you in understanding the process.  Please utilize the live chat feature of our home page for questions and guidance, a direct email will be sent after hours.


The Foreclosure process- What can you expect to happen?

It is important before you go any further to understand your rights and the steps in the foreclosure process

Please watch Ndukwe Agwuand,  explain the foreclosure process in New York State: CLICK HERE  

Legal Services of the Hudson Valley has an office right here in Orange County and works closely with the staff at RUPCO and RDAC to assist your needs

In addition Neighborhood Economic Development Advocacy Project NEDAP created Paths to Foreclosure  to help make it clear.


Is Bankruptcy a choose for you?

Although many people are struggling to make ends meet today, your financial situation is as unique as a finger print.

Edward J. Quilice Attorney at Law gives you a three part educational series on some bankruptcy basics below




Most reputable attorneys offer FREE initial bankruptcy consultations. 


There are many terms that are unfamiliar to us when discussing bankruptcy, here is a glossary of terms from


What do you do now?

Making Home Affordable is an excellent resource of information to learn about all the options available to you.  

Be sure to utilize their TOOLS sections for calculators and loan look up.

Is your loan owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac?  find out here


Applying for assistance with the bank for a modification 
For additional information please watch Chip Watson and Nilda Natal explain here: RDAC is very thankful for their assistance and support

How to fill out an intake package PART 1

How to fill out an intake package PART 2


In addition Chris Brogan,  gives additional package tips for you to pay attention to prior to submission


The Budget

One very important part of your package is the budget.  

It is important to know exactly how much money you have coming in and what exactly you can afford, especially during a crisis

Please watch Bernard Bowen, explains some budgeting tips click here

Ready for Zero built and amazing site that covers many budgeting tips topics, be sure to check them out.

Remember the idea is to spend no more than 35% of net income on housing, this is slightly different than how the banks work both originating your loan and modifying your loan.  The banks look for you to have a payment close to 32% of your gross income, if you are in that range already you will not qualify for a modification.

10% of your net income should go to savings, 15% net income should go to transportation, 15% on debt and 25% on other

The Center for Neighborhood Technology offers a Housing and Transportation index that is helpful

Useful budget sheet 


The Settlement Conference

RDAC housing counselors will guide you through this process, do not be afraid.  

Meet John Lindstrom, Court Appointed Referee who actually hears your conference, he explains the process to you.

RDAC prides its self on helping homeowners get from nope to hope and will answer what questions we can and refer you where needed.


For Additional Info:

Legal Services of the Hudson Valley
Orange County Office of the Clerk

Homeownership Counseling

RDAC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, and familial status. We actively hand out documentation on fair housing rights during counseling sessions. If you feel you have been discriminated against please tell our staff, we will educate you on your options.

Services are provided through face-to-face or phone sessions to meet your needs. RDAC provides services to clients with disabilities as well as other languages.  Note: currently there is a new ramp being built this summer, in the mean time clients are met with in our back building in an accessible office and we subscribe to a language line when needed.

Full 8 hour Homebuyer education certificate course

RDAC’s HUD approved eight-hour homebuyer education course will provide detailed information into the home buying process.  It will include all of the intricate aspects involved in buying a home, applying for a mortgage and maintaining a home. 

Together we will review the process and all the documents involved in closing on your new home as well as budgeting, maintenance and saving tips.  We know this is the most exciting and important purchase and are happy to prepare you so there are not surprises.


RDAC is a HUD approved agency and all of our counselors are trained through NeighborWorks America.

Credit Counseling

Our credit counselors will:
• Familiarize customers with consumer rights and protection laws in order to develop appropriate plans and corrective credit actions;
• Help customers design effective plans and strategies to reach specific financial goals based on existing credit issues and current financial situation;
• Review credit reports components and credit scoring; and
• Assist customers with credit standing.




Fee Schedule


Program Summary
RDAC administers the Residential Emergency Services To Offer Repairs to the Elderly (RESTORE) Program, funded by New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal. This program provides grants to pay for the cost of emergency repairs to eliminate hazardous conditions in homes owned by the elderly when the homeowners cannot afford to make the repairs in a timely fashion.


Eligible Customers
To be eligible for assistance, homeowners must be 60 years of age or older and have a household income that does not exceed 80 percent of the area median income.